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Congrès IFLA ILDS 2017

The 15th IFLA International Interlending and Document Supply Conference
04 - 06 October 2017

No Library Left Behind: Cross-Border Resource Sharing

The name of the conference series originates from 1988 when the first ILDS conference was held in London. It was organized by the IFLA Office for UAP (Universal Availability of Publications) and International Interlending. This office was dissolved in 2003 and after that  ILDS conferences were organized by IFLA Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Section. Latest conferences have been held in Canberra, Australia (2003), Tallinn, Estonia (2005), Singapore (2007), Hanover, Germany (2009), Chicago, USA (2011), Beijing, China (2013) and Istanbul, Turkey (2015). The section is responsible for the contents and programme of the conference.

The section on Document Delivery and Resource Sharing is the forum in IFLA for libraries and associations concerned with making information in all formats available throughout the world through a variety of resource sharing and document supply techniques.

Le titre de ce cycle de conférences date du  premier congrès ILDS, qui s’est tenu à Londres en 1988, sous l’égide de l’UAP (Universal Availability of Publications) et d’International Interlending. A la suite de la dissolution de ce bureau en 2003, les conférences ILDS ont été organisées par la sectionde l’IFLA en charge de la fourniture de documents à distance et du partage des ressources documentaires. Les précédents congrès ont eu lieu à Canberra, Australie (2003), à Talinn, Estonie (2005), à Singapour (2007), à Hanovre, Allemagne (2009), à Chicago, E.U. (2011), à Beijing, Chine (2013) et à Istanbul, Turquie (2015). 

 La Section Fourniture de documents à distance et du Partage des ressources documentaires est le forum de l’IFLA pour les bibliothèques et les associations qui ont pour mission de rendre l’information sous toutes ses formes disponible dans le monde à travers un certain nombre de moyens de partage des ressources et de mise à disposition des documents.


Evénement organisé par le CTLes.

Grand amphithéâtre de la Bibliothèque universitaire des langues et civilisations (BULAC), 65 rue des Grands Moulins, PARIS 13ème arrondissement.


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Vous trouverez ci-dessous les présentations et les abstracts des différents intervenants :

> Stephen Wyber, Manager, policy and advocacy, IFLA HQ, Netherlands : "IFLAs position on legal issues with Document Delivery and Resource Sharing"

> Clare MacKeigan, OCLC, Canada : "ISO 18626 – the international standard for ILL transactions – an update"

> Joe Lenkart, Thomas H. Teper, Esra Coskun and Mara Thacker, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA : "Sharing across borders: international resource sharing and cooperative collection development"

> Poul Erlandsen, Royal Danish Library, Denmark and Sue Kaler, Massachusetts Library System, USA : "Rethinking resource sharing again: the Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative at ten years old" > Abstract

> Zhao Xing, National Library of China : "Cooperate and development in international resource sharing – interlending and document supply in China" > Abstract

> Dennis Massie, OCLC, USA : "Come for the free analysis, stay for the community: the ILL cost calculator can be the new watering hole for interlending data" > Abstract

> Karine Larose, Simon Baron, Andrew Preater, Chealsye Bowley, Joseph McArthur, UK : "Putting open access into interlibrary loan: Imperial College London’s experience integration with the open access button"

> Tina Baich, IUPUI University Library, USA : "Diminishing the perceived need for black open access" > Abstract

> Floriane Muller, Pedro Nari, Jean-Blaise Claivaz, Pablo Iriarte, University of Geneva Library,Switzerland : "Measuring the impact of piracy and open access on the academic library services"

> Abstract de Lesliediana Jones, George Washington University Law Library, USA : "Open access and hidden factors: interlibrary loan of open access documents may not be as simple as it seems"

> Abstract de Tess Gibson, University of Arkansas Library, USA : "Opportunities and threats for ILL Staff in a period of dramatic changes"

> Micquel Little, Claremont College Library, USA : "Faculty expertise in collection strategies: building resource sharing workflows through faculty partnerships"

> Zhiying Guan, Peking University Library, China : "Quality control of interlending & document supply service in Chinese library consortium" > Abstract

> Abstract de Jon Shaw, Brigitte Burris, University of Pennsylvania Library, USA : "An article delivery environment that is networked, expedited and global"

> David McCaslin, California institute of technology, USA : "Getting ahead of the curve: an investigation into how the Caltech library succeeds in resource sharing" > Abstract

> Lin Yizhong, South China University of technology Library  : "SCUT ILL Resource Sharing Stories with USA and Italy" > Abstract

> Robyn Fleming, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Aimee Lind, Getty Research Institute, USA : "No *ART* Library left behind: cross-border resource sharing among art libraries"

> Elena Bernardini, Giovanna Colombo, Carmen Lomba, Silvana Mangiaracina, Manuela Secinaro, Italy : "A NILDE survey on international ILL exchanges: results and consideration"

> Mathieu Cordonnier, CTLes, Paris, France : "Promote better to circulate more, the new horizon for depository libraries"

> Antonella Cossu, Pascal Godard, Antonella Orviati, Ornella Salvioni, Serena Sangiorgi, Italy : "International cooperation: an Italian-French experience for resource sharing" > Abstract

> Franco Bessone, Giovanna Colombo, Elena De Carolis, Gustavo Filippucci, Laura Garbolino, Enza Gasbarro, Silvana Mangiaracina, Ornella Russo, Elisabetta Tamburini and Alessandro Tugnoli : "To lend or not to lend? With ALPE it is easier! An Italian cooperative system for checking ILL permitted uses in e-resource licenses" >

ALPE (Archivio Licenze dei Periodici Elettronici / e-journals license database) is an Italian co-operative project aiming to improve the understanding of the issues raised by ILL clauses of electronic resources license agreements.
ALPE is designed to collect all clauses of the licence agreements subscribed by the participating universities and research institutes, with the purpose of building a national archive.
ALPE is integrated with NILDE - the Italian service for document exchange -, allows librarians to implement the correct policies for ILL services, leads to the explanation and clarification of the clauses, and at the same time guarantees publishers on the fulfilment of the subscribed agreements.
The paper describes how database was conceived and organised, and details the improvements that it made possible in the ILL service. It also describes the ALPE-NILDE integration and presents the results of data analysis of license permitted uses.

> Marian Ramos-Eclevia, Carlos L. Eclevia, Laurence Anthony G. Narvaez, Philippines: "New focus and faces of interlending and document delivery: practices and services in the Philippines"